When Sparrows Sing




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The cramp in Dewdill’s leg grew stronger, and her toes curled as muscles tightened all the way up her leg. She rubbed the muscles, hoping to relieve the pain. Suddenly her leg felt as limp as a cooked noodle, and she crumpled to the ground.

Polio had left Dewdill unable to run and play, but she was a hard worker, pitching in with kitchen and farm chores in spite of her weak leg. When Dewdill was twelve, she was responsible enough to care for a neighbor lady who also suffered from polio. One evening Dewdill found her patient lying still and quiet, barely breathing. What could she do to save Mrs. Hopewell’s life?

Set in the years after the Great Depression, When Sparrows Sing follows Dewdill from living in a poorhouse, to a loving foster home, to being reunited with her family as they move from farm to farm to find work. It is a true story of difficult times, determination, and trust in the heavenly Father who sees each sparrow fall.

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