A Farm for Duncan




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272 pages

As a lad growing up in Scotland, Duncan MacLean enjoys working with cattle. But Duncan’s father, a blacksmith, is unsure about farming. Their small croft barely provides hay for two cows, and some years, the tacksman takes their calves as payment for the rent.

Uncle Hubert writes from Nova Scotia, telling of the farm he is building, his desire for cattle from Scotland, and available land in the New World. Should they go, even against Grandfather MacLean’s wishes? Is it worth braving the storms at sea, the hardships of the voyage, and the hard work of clearing the Nova Scotian forests?

Then the laird of Glen Mor sells his land, and his crofters are forced to move. Duncan’s family decides to book passage across the Atlantic. How will they fare in the New World? Historical fiction set in the early 1800s.

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